FDA about buying prescription drugs online

Prescription drugs onlineThe US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) warns its consumers about the risks involved in purchasing drugs from the internet based medical portals. Though the online pharmacy seems to offer a plethora of benefits to avail medicines the virtual way, they also pose signs of dangers. A few websites sell prescription as well as over the counter drugs that are not safe to use and could put people’s health at risk. Consumers should know about online pharmacy benefits and how to procure medication online safely.

Don’t get easily hoodwinked

When you are procuring medications from an unknown source, you may not know about the whereabouts of the web store and how they operate or what they sell. If you are buying over the counter and prescription drugs from online pharmacies, you might still not know how genuine or safe your products are. Though a website looks professional and promises to offer you excellent service, you might not know if it is a trustworthy or a rogue website. These fake pharmacies can sell unapproved drugs, drugs with fewer or more of active ingredients, drugs with no active ingredient, drugs not in the right proportion or drugs that could be too dangerous to be used. A few sites appear exactly as if they are FDA approved but furnish low quality or unsafe meds online.

FDA indicates the codes of authentic online pharma

  • Check for the physical address of the online pharmacy and is within your state or country of residence.
  • See if you can connect and speak to the representative with the contact number provided.
  • Check if a licensed pharmacist is available to address your queries online.
  • A legitimate online pharmacy requires a prescription from a valid or licensed health care professional.
  • Check if it is legal to buy these prescription drugs from your country. As some medications that are categorized under schedule 4 drugs may not be legal to buy from a different country even with a prescription.

FDA depicts the signs of illegitimate websites

  • If the online pharma doesn’t provide you with any valid contact number, it is a sign of bogus drug portal.
  • If it disposes drugs in unknown origin or has a manufacturer name that is not recognized.
  • You might be receiving wrong pills or any other dangerous drugs that look alike.
  • You might be offered to obtain medication without a prescription which is not a legal way of selling medicines.

Protecting oneself from counterfeit digital pharmacies

  • You should always be buying drugs only from a reputed, registered and licensed online pharmacy portal.
  • Before procuring the medication, make sure if they have been approved by the FDA and are in the same formulation as per their prescription label.
  • It is better to stay away from web pharmacies that promise to offer you pills at huge discounts and without a prescription.
  • Check the security policies and guidelines of the online pharmacy so that you are on the safer side.
  • Use your personal data very carefully and see if they are being protected by over an encrypted server.
  • Do not share your financial transaction data including your credit card number or passwords over the virtual pharmacy portal.