Online pharmacy benefits over brick and mortar Stores

online pharmacy benefitsOnline pharmacies have been of huge prominence in recent times. They were indeed created due to the urgency of pharmacies to be available over the internet medium. With technology beaming profoundly, the virtual stores have enabled people to gain access to medicines from their comfort zone.

Advantages of e-pharmacies over brick and mortar stores

Online medical portals have yielded a number of advantages over their conventional brick and mortar stores. Read below to know about the various benefits the virtual pharmacies have to offer.

  • Online pharmacies have made the reach to prescription medicines at ease from the comfort of one’s home which was once difficult to buy even with a valid prescription whereas, with the brick and mortar stores, one has to walk towards their nearest drug store to avail the medicine.
  • Digital pharmacies have provided users the ease and simplicity of obtaining drugs online which is not the same way with local pharma shops.
  • The ordering process with e-medical portals take just a few simple steps that are less than five minutes. On the other hand, it takes few customer queues and little waiting period with physical drug stores.
  • The Online pharmacy payment methods are totally secure whereas the physical drug stores have only counter facilities where the payment has to be made through pigeon holes at the cash counter, which may not always be safe.
  • The payment gateway is encrypted so as to provide security to the user and their financial data. It doesn’t happen with so much security over brick and mortar stores.
  • A major advantage of a web pharmacy is that it doesn’t have to pay the maintenance cost that physical drug stores pay on a monthly basis in the form of rent.
  • The delivery mechanism is discreet with e-medical shops. It is open and normal delivery process with brick and mortar medical stores.
  • Most of the medicines over physical stores will be sold only upon a prescription. But with a virtual pharmacy, you can avail prescription drugs online along with the product.
  • Due to no maintenance costs involved, you can obtain medicines for reduced price over online medical portals. But brick and mortar drug stores usually offer no discounts over medicines as they have other expenses involved.

Check for the legitimacy of the online pharmacies while ordering meds online

With e-pharmacies rapidly evolving these days, many forget about the authenticity of these internet based medical portals and happen to shop for medicines swiftly. In the process, one could encounter counterfeit drug portals that could be misleading. In an attempt to educate the consumers, we have jotted down few essential points that could be of great help to you when you place orders for medicines online.

  1. Check for the legitimacy of the online pharmacy by noting its physical address and contact number.
  2. Check if the drugs sold over the web pharmacy you have selected have been approved by the FDA.
  3. See if the drug portal offers secured payment gateway.
  4. Get to know if the portal offers round the clock service of medicines.
  5. Verify about the shipping mechanism and if they have discreet shipping policy.