How much should you pay when you buy Ambien online? – Buyer’s Guide

Ambien is synonymous with insomnia. It is actually the fifth most prescribed drug in the world. This sleeping pill can be bought from retail and online pharmacies. There are several differentiating factors between the two sources such as delivery time, available quantity, prices, offer coupons and rebates, online doctors and pharmacists, prescription requirements and so on.

Cost of Ambien: Retail Vs Online

Ambien Cost

In retail stores, the cost of Ambien varies between $485 and $548 for thirty pills of the ten-milligram variant and sixty pills tend to cost between $920 and $1000 at most leading stores based in the United States be it Walmart, Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy or Kroger Pharmacy.

These retail stores, however, offer plenty of benefits to customers such as frequent discounts, offers, and rebates. This is however not much, and range from anything between five and ten percent of the listed cost price. Most customers buying Ambien from retail stores usually tend to have a prescription and also carry medical insurance to bear part of the costs associated with the medication.

Now let’s look at the prices of Ambien at online pharmacies. In most stores, the prices start from $130 for thirty pills of the ten-milligram variant all the way up to $250 for ninety pills of the same dosage. This is still significantly lower than at retail stores. Also, customers are provided with frequent discounts, offer coupons and rebates from time to time.

Long term users of the drug also tend to comparison shop i.e. compare the listed prices of Ambien across various reputed online pharmacies and then take a decision to buy the medication from a particular seller based on the prices and discounts offered.

Do we need a prescription to buy Ambien online?

Most reputed pharmacies selling genuine FDA approved Ambien pills require a prescription as it is categorized into Schedule IV drugs in the US which may be issued either by a registered medical practitioner or an online doctor. These portals also provide the services of a dedicated team of doctors who may be able to help patients find suitable medication based on their health condition. In general online portals are known to have lenient prescription requirements in comparison to retail outlets.

Although it is required by users to carry a valid prescription for Ambien regardless of whether the medication is purchased at retail or online pharmacies, however, certain exceptions may be made from time to time. In general, amongst foreign online pharmacies, Canadian drug stores are preferred due to cheap and regulated prices as well as excellent quality.

Most users may be able to confidently find Ambien in these portals. They also sometimes offer Ambien without a prescription. However, having said all this, users, in general, have to be careful while procuring the drug from online pharmacies, as there are several fraudulent stores looking to market fake and sometimes even harmful products to users.

Generally, most long-term users of Ambien tend to prefer buying online as they are able to save a lot of costs which may sometimes run into thousands of dollars if one also takes into account consultation charges.